Mary is a bright 6 year old girl from Nasarawa who lives in Lagos, Nigeria. She is the last of 8 children. Her mother is a cleaner who earns about $150 a month. Her father is a painter who earns very little and works in another state.  Mary had attended one of the government primary schools in Itedo and spent a year there.  Mary’s teacher would come to school 2 – 3 times a week, while on other days she will let the students know she had to get some items from the market.  Mary’s class was overcrowded and the students spent a good part of their day fighting as was evident in the several bruises on Mary’s legs.  Mary’s mother desires for her daughter to attend a school where she will learn, be productive and live a better life than she has

Mary is currently being sponsored by Change A Life Africa and started Primary 1 in September 2011.  We are confident that she will excel in her primary years, move on to secondary school and beyond and be the last generation within her family to be uneducated



Mufreda is an outgoing little girl from the Northern part of Ghana.  She lives with her mother, Salamatu, in Mamobi, a market area in the city of Accra, Ghana.  Salamatu works as a kayayo (street porter), carrying customer market goods on her head for a small fee (usually less than $2).  When Change A Life Africa met Salamatu she had a great desire for her daughter to get a good education, something that she was unable to provide for her. Mufreda, at the time, spent most of her days playing with other young children on the market floors.

After two years of being in our program, Mufreda is thriving in her kindergarten class and enjoys spending her time at school

Accra, Ghana

Grace and Mercy Memorial Academy, Teshie- Camp 2

New Nation Preparatory School, Nima

Divine Wisdom School, La

Lagos, Nigeria

Jesilo Children School, Ajah

Brook Cedron House, Itedo-Lekki